Holotome Profile: Grand Facade
Grand Facade
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Meso-Titan
Series Information
Users Wilder
First Appearance "The Power of Umbra"
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Grand Facade is a defensive, blue-skinned Meso-Titan. His strong armor is impregnable, and long hair covers his one weak spot on his back. In contrast to his tribal-style armor, he wears a futuristic, red visor on his face. Grand Facade is used by Wilder as his secret weapon.


Grand Facade was invoked by Wilder in the tomb of Hernán Cortés to fight against Dante Vale's Caliban for the Ring of Umbra, the Legendary Titan of Dimensions. After a big fight Grand Facade was defeated when Caliban and Dante found and stabbed Grand Facade's unarmored back. S2E42

Grand Facade again was invoked by Wilder to fight against Grier and his Powerbonded Breaker in the Professor's castle for Rassimov's secret files but was defeated when Breaker used his Grapple power on him. S2E46


Grand Facade is almost entirely covered in invulnerable armor, the exception being on his back. This armor is powerful enough to completely negate the attacks of powerful Titans on the tier of Caliban. Due to this armor, Grand Facade is able to wear out his opponents and then finish them off with ease. As Grand Facade possesses no weapons, he instead fights using his fists and strength for combat.


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  • Grand Facade summoning command is "Show them."