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Holotome Profile: Firbolg
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 4
Type Meso-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Special Ability Mighty Gauntlets
Series Information
Users Scarlet Byrne
First Appearance "Back Home"
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Firbolg is one of the guardian Titans of Tír na nÓg alongside Dullahan.


The Fir Bolg, or "bag men" were one of the first of the legendary races of Celtic mythology. Some legends say that the Firbolg were enslaved, either by the other Celtic groups, or by the Greeks. Wikipedia

A team of Firbolg titans and Dullahan ambushed Dante Vale's team and nearly defeated them, but Lok Lambert showed up at the last moment and managed to save them with Pendragon. S2E48


Firbold is a large and very strong titan. He can pick up smaller titans with ease and can crush them in his hands. Firbolg once picked up a Marauder and squeezed it so hard it returned to its amulet. This strength, coupled with his large size, make Firbolg a very powerful Titan. S2E51


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