Holotome Profile: Findshape
Spell Information
Class General
Range Short
Series Information
Users Nimue Casterwill
Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "Ladies' Choice"
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Gallery | Appearances

Findshape is a spell that repairs objects that have been damaged or destroyed. This is a secret spell used exclusively by the Casterwill family. The amount of concentration needed to repair objects varies depending on the nature of the object.

It took longer to repair the journal of Lok's father, Eathon Lambert, than it did to repair a Shogi tile. Sophie later used Findshape on a cracked floor of the Professor's castle to trap Behemoth's foot. S1E26 During the war against the Blood Spiral, Nimue Casterwill used this spell to restore the cliff side to its original shape and to remove the path to the Fortress of Iron Will. S2E40

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