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Holotome Profile: Enfluxion
Enfluxion Series
Base Stats
Attack 0
Defense 3
Type Krono-Titan (Series)
Gaia-Titan (TCG)
Size Average
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 150 pounds
Special Ability Tidal wave
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "The Titan in the Temple of Sun"
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Enfluxion is a Titan whose body is made up entirely of water. Unlike Undine, Enfluxion has a much more unearthly visage and possesses tendrils of water for arms. Her Amulet is in the possession of Sophie Casterwill.


Throughout the world, the Enfluxion and Undine Titans have inspired the many myths and legends about water-spirits which appear in the mythologies of cultures throughout the world.

Enfluxion was given to Sophie Casterwill by Teien Casterwill to help fight against Kiel and his fire-based Titans and spells.  S2E38


Enfluxion has the abilty to control water and change her shape. She appears to be made of water. Her offensive attack is using her arms as water cannons. In addition, Enfluxion's defensive ability is strong enough to protect Sophie Casterwill from Volcana. S2E38 Enfluxion also was able to defeat a Shadow Agent and, for a short period of time, distract a Conquistador S2E42.

Design History

Rough Sketch

Having water-tentacles instead of arms makes this Titan look like she’s made of living water. Enfluxion’s picture needed to bring across the fact that she’s connected to water, controlling it even—all of her lines are curvy to represent the movement of waves and the natural flow of water. At this point, she looks a little bit like Lunar, a moon-themed Titan, so we asked the artist to make sure Enfluxion doesn’t look exactly like Lunar.

Pencil Sketch

If you compare this sketch to Lunar, you can see that while they look similar (they’re both Gaia-Titans, so that’s not too strange), there are three things that can help you tell these Titans apart. One, Lunar has hands while Enfluxion has water-tentacles. Two, Enfluxion has legs and feet, while Lunar’s legs stop at the knee. Three, Enfluxion’s watery shape is her actual body, while Lunar is actually a fairy-like creature surrounded by a human-shaped aura.

Final Art

There’s our girl! With the sunlight shining from behind her, you can see that Enfluxion is transparent with no fairy-creature inside, so this clearly is not Lunar. Also, this Titan is more of a blue-green and Lunar is more of a blue-purple-white, so the color difference is a big help. The overall effect is a liquid, bendy, water-themed Titan ready to lay the smack down on some bad guys.


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  • The name Enfluxion comes from the word “flux” which means “flow” or “change,” very appropriate words for a water-themed Titan.
  • Enfluxion's summoning commands are "Join me!" and "Protect Us!".
  • Enfluxion and Undine are both based off of Ondine, a water spirit that is one of the four elemental mythical creatures.