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Holotome Profile: Elf King Oberon
Elf King Oberon
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Gaia-Titan
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
First Appearance "Doorway to Huntik"
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Elf King Oberon is one of the new Titans gained by Dante Vale after the fall of the Professor.


Oberon was invoked to fight against numerous Gigadrone Titans. He also attacked Dark Dryad and knocked her back, but she entangled him in vines to allow his defeat by Mirmidon. Doorway to Huntik

Dante's Elf King Oberon was used to fight with Kiel's Balenpyre Titan. After a fierce battle, they sent each other back to their Amulets. The Titan in the Temple of Sun

He was used to release a pile of logs on a Casterwill Hunter and a Harlekin which rolled over them. Oberon quickly finished off the escaping and now quite angry Harlekin. The Phoenix's Ashes

Oberon later was used to battle Hellynx to buy Dante the time he needed to locate the Spiral Mark. Words from Eathon


Elf King Oberon is an excellent swordsmen, so he knows how to defend himself at close and long ranges. Using energy blasts from its hands, he can attack from a safe distance if necessary. He is also quite swift on his feet. He is best used when outnumbered as he is great at defeating many enemies at once.


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  • His summoning command is "Enlighten them."
  • In medieval fairy tales, Oberon is the king of the fairies as well as the husband of Titania.

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