Holotome Profile: Eathon's Puzzle
Eathon's Puzzle
Artifact Information
Item Type Key
Effects Unlocks the Amulet of Will
Series Information
User(s) Eathon Lambert
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Sceptre Deception"
Last Appearance "Coming of Age"
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Eathon's Puzzle is a key that unlocks the Amulet of Will from its resting place in Atlantis. Eathon Lambert found the puzzle, but was unable to use it because he never made it to Atlantis, so he left it in a secret room in the Tomb of Nefertiti instead. He drew on the wall a code to find it that only his son, Lok, would be able to solve. Lok discovered it in "The Sceptre Deception" and then used it to retrieve the Amulet of Will in "Coming of Age".