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Holotome Profile: Dullahan
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 3
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Disarm
Flame Burst
Series Information
Users Den Fears
First Appearance Back Home
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Dullahan the headless knight is one of the guardian Titans of Tír na nÓg alongside Firbolg.


Dullahan Titans appeared in Irish mythology as fearsome fairies with a role similar to the grim reaper. They would either ride in a chariot driven by six black, headless horses or on top of a lone black horse. Their shields, bearing the visage of a face, were interpreted to be the Dullahans' heads. They became omens of death said to guide dying souls to their final resting places. Wikipedia

Dullahan and Firbolg Titans stood as guardians of Tír na nÓg and if Lok had not returned from the Inter-dimensional World, then the rest of Dante´s team would have been defeated. S2E48


Dullahan wields a spiked ball-and-chain mace as well as a head-shaped shield that can "breathe" fire through his Flame Burst ability. Dullahan has been able to fight in physical combat with Sabriel.


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  • His summoning command is "Face them!"
  • This Titan is based on the Dullahan of Irish legend, a headless fairy that carried its head under its arms. A type of dark-inclined fairies, they were said to hunt those who had been marked to die.