Holotome Profile: Dr. Benway
Dr. Benway
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Series Information
First Appearance "Cerberus"
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Dr. Benway was a member of the Organization who fought against his leader, the Professor, for control of Kronos. His assistant is Miss Fitch.


Dr. Benway had a battle with The Professor to get the Legendary Titan of Time, Kronos. Dr. Benway bonded with Kronos, however he was defeated by the Professor. The Professor put him in wheelchair for good using the mind-control power of Araknos to mentally prevent Dr. Benway from walking, but since Overlos took the Legendary Titan of mind to the Spirit World, the curse was broken.source? Benway and his accomplices were arrested after Lok and Sophie returned to the present day. HC#17


Although in a wheelchair, Dr. Benway possesses a wide range of powers as he was able to hold his own against the Professor.

Bonded Titans


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