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Quotes The ears of the Huntik Foundation are everywhere.
The following quotes have been obtained and processed to describe this episode.

"I think we lost the element of surprise, Dante." (Lok Lambert)
"That would explain all the shooting." (Sophie Casterwill)

"Huntik Foundation what are they doing here?" (Stack)
"It's come to this, the Organization enemies come and go as they please? hold on, this must be the famous team who took down the Professor!" (Wilder)
"Sir if u defeated them-" (Stack)
"The entire Organizaton will be mine." (Wilder)

"At least this mission isn't going to be boring!"
- Dante Vale to the team

"Is it me, or are those two getting along better?"
- Lok Lambert to Dante Vale, about Sophie Casterwill and Zhalia Moon

"How fitting. Destroying the scum that tore the Organization apart will be the banner that unites it once more."
- Wilder to Stack, about the Huntik team

"Dante! My, how you've grown."
- Eathon Lambert to Dante Vale

"I know I don't have strong Titans like the rest of you, but I can still fight."
- Sophie Casterwill to Dante Vale and Zhalia Moon

"Come on old man, hit them while they are distracted!"
- Stack to Hoffman

"Don't forget the other two, Sophie Casterwill and that traitor Zhalia Moon."
- Hoffman to Wilder and Stack about the Huntik team