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Holotome Profile: Diaz
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "The Secret of the Flying Dutchman"
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Diaz is an Organization commander. His second in command is his high-ranking Suit, Snake.


Diaz and his team fought the Huntik Foundation team while after the Amulet of Ghostfog. A big fight arose while on water but Ghostfog's amulet was recovered by Lok Lambert. Diaz's boat was destroyed by Ghostfog's ability, leaving him and his team floating in the water, swearing revenge on the Huntik team. HC#13

Diaz made his return along with Snake and his team later in the series. After his team took Cherit hostage, Diaz ransomed Cherit, demanding that Dante give him Ghostfog. Although he received the Amulet, Cherit escaped and stole the Amulet from him. After a brief battle, Diaz was knocked out by Dante. HC#16


Although Diaz's fighting skills were not enough to defeat Dante, Diaz still possessed great leadership skills.