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Holotome Profile: Darkvoid
S1E18 Darkvoid
Spell Information
Class Offensive
Range Medium
Series Information
Users Rassimov
First Appearance Memory Lane
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Darkvoid is a powerful spell that creates a black hole underneath the target and then absorbs and destroys all those taken into the void. Only the caster appears to be unaffected by this spell. Darkvoid can be used for items as small as a ball or as massive as a room. So far Rassimov is the only one that has used this spell.


Rassimov used this spell for the first time in rage to destroy Cavalier, because he wouldn't bond to him. S1E18 He used for the second time to destroy Archwarder, S2E32 but later when he tried to use it on the Titan, Maelstrom, the attack was absorbed.


As per the Gallery Policy, the full set of images for Darkvoid may be found at the Category Gallery.


  • This spell is similar to another Blood Spiral spell, called Abyssalfall, used by the Silent Soldiers. It creates a smaller hole that entraps the opponent, but the effect of Abyssalfall is less powerful and is slower to entrap the opponent. And it can be escaped from.

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