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Quotes The ears of the Huntik Foundation are everywhere.
The following quotes have been obtained and processed to describe this character.

"Seekers, we have a mission."
- Dante Vale source?

"Uh, excuse me, is someone there? A little help here, I'm… loaded down with all these groceries. Can someone get the door?"
- Dante Vale, to DeFoe's Suits ("A Seeker is Born")

"It's time for you guys to go. You can walk away or get thrown away with the trash. Your choice."
- Dante Vale, to DeFoe's Suits ("A Seeker is Born")

"I warned you."
- Dante Vale, to the Suits, smiling after they ignored him ("A Seeker is Born")

"Enough with the sweet talk, let's end this."
- Dante Vale, to the Suits ("A Seeker is Born")

"What I'm really interested in is ancient secrets. Like these."
- Dante Vale, to Lok Lambert, lifting Eathon's journal ("A Seeker is Born")

"Sorry, you're not getting off that easily. You're already a part of it. Lok, you're one of us now. Like your father, you're already a Seeker."
- Dante Vale, to Lok Lambert ("A Seeker is Born")

"We've got a mystery to solve."
- Dante Vale ("The Casterwill Client")

"There's a nice house you boys are checking out. Doubling in real estate? Here I thought you were book collectors. If you want it, then come and get it, but I warn you - collecting suits is my hobby!"
- Dante Vale, to DeFoe and his Suits ("The Casterwill Client")

"Nice work, with moves like those you'll be an elite Seeker someday."
- Dante Vale, to Sophie Casterwill ("The Casterwill Client")

"I'm a professional treasure hunter and private eye. I don't come cheap. You can't afford me."
- Dante Vale, to Lok Lambert ("The Casterwill Client")

"If you wanna dance, I'll show you some steps."
- Dante Vale, to Santiago ("The Casterwill Client")

"You've been well trained, but you don't have the experience to take me on. This duel is over."
- Dante Vale, to Santiago after landing on the edge of an overhang ("The Casterwill Client")

"All Amulets have Titans in them. That's what makes them Amulets."
- Dante Vale ("Words of Truth, Heart of Lies")

"I'm merely picking the lock, not breaking it."
- Dante Vale to Sophie Casterwill, as he 'breaks' into a locked Church (Crawling the Catacombs)

"I really don't know what we would have done without you."
-Dante Vale to Montehue (The Legacy of Thor )

"He was my whole world."
- Dante to Zhalia Moon, about Metz (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)

"Zhalia, there's something I've been meaning to say. And that is… Raypulse!"
- Dante Vale to Zhalia Moon (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)

"No ticket."
- Dante Vale to train passengers after throwing a Suit out of the window (The Vampire Loses its Fangs)