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Curse of the Legendary Titans
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The Curse of the Legendary Titans is an incredibly powerful and deadly curse that was placed on the Rings of the Legendary Titans in order to keep anyone without the Amulet of Will from using them. The curse causes one who attempts to disturb Legendary Titans in their resting places by stealing their rings and trying to bond with them to be struck with an incurable ailment, by both medicine and magic. The curse came from Overlos. Casterwill had to summon him which made the Amulet of Will. The ailment attacks the source of the Seeker's power, their will.

There are two exceptions to this curse as shown when Dante managed to bond with Behemoth without the help of the Amulet of will and was able to summon him thereafter. He wasn't cursed because he didn't take the ring directly from its resting place as that was Metz. The other exception is that the legendary titan makes a pact with the victim in which lessens the effects of the curse as long as the Titan remains physically bonded with the victim until they either break the curse or die, the only known case of this was when Araknos made a pact with Simon Judeau.



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