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Holotome Profile: Cathy Lambert
Biographical Information
Relations Eathon Lambert (father)
Sandra Lambert (mother)
Lok Lambert (brother)
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Series Information
First Appearance "Home Turf"
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Cathy Lambert is the older sister of Lok Lambert and the daughter of both Sandra Lambert and Eathon Lambert. Unlike the rest of her family, she has no Seeker powers or knowledge of the Huntik Foundation.



Cathy Lambert is a good student and a friend of Scarlet Byrne. Cathy seems to be a normal older sister for Lok, sometimes calling him pet names and teasing him, but she seems happy when she sees him after some time. The two siblings have a very friendly towards each other. Cathy is also very helpful, as she evinced when she consoled her depressed friend on the phone. S1E13 She quickly notices people's moods, as she saw that Sophie did not like when Scarlet was flirting with Dante. Cathy took this attitude for a sign that Sophie was jealous of Dante and tried to comfort her that he was not interested in Scarlett. Cathy was, however, oblivious to the feelings which Sophie displayed towards her brother. S2E48