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Holotome Profile: Cathedral of Notre Dame
Notre Dam full
Location Information
Type Cathedral
Huntik Foundation Base
Location Paris, France
Series Information
Inhabitants Clements
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The Cathedral of Notre Dame, located in Paris, France, was the key to locating the entrance to the Paris Catacombs and the Ring of Arc.


The cathedral has been a base of the Huntik Foundation operations for decades. One of the gargoyles faces the abandoned church in Paris which hides the entrance to the Paris Catacombs. S1E05

The Ring of Arc was kept in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, watched over by Clements. S1E06

When the Titan of Fate, Arc became active, Clements went missing while the possessed Freelancer, Hoplite and Ironsquire atacked tourists outside the Cathedral. The Huntik team dealt with the Titans and adventured into the Catacombs. After Arc was defeated, Clements returned to the base. S2E34


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