Holotome Profile: Baselaird
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Size Medium
Height 10 feet 1 inch
Weight 540 pounds
Special Ability Defender
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 7
Defense 6
Special Ability Energy Ray
Series Information
Users Eathon Lambert
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "The Unseen Guide"
Powerbonding "Doorway to Huntik"
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Baselaird is a Titan inherited by Lok Lambert from his father, Eathon Lambert, and appears as a warrior of the sun. Though his base stats are relatively low, Baselaird quickly became one of Lok's primary Titans. With Baselaird's large shield and powerful curved sword, this golden-armored Titan is not one to be trifled with.


Baselaird was one of Eathon Lambert's best Titans and was later recovered by his son, Lok Lambert, at the Temple of Poseidon near the entrance to Atlantis. S1E20 Lok has since used him in battles against the Organization and other evil Seeker forces. Baselaird was used in conjunction with Dendras in the final battle against the Professor to control Overlos. S1E26 With the emergence of the Blood Spiral and Wilder as the head of the Organization, Baselaird became Powerbonded. S2E27


A favored Titan of the legendary Seeker, Eathon Lambert, Baselaird is among the purest brawler Titans. He possesses no magical attacks, but rather is totally reliant on his strength and martial abilities in combat. He is also fast and tough, making him a very useful titan. When Baselaird is used in synchronization with Dendras, the twin dragons gain the ability to control the targeted Titan.


When the bond with his Seeker became stronger, Baselaird became stronger as well as changed in appearance. Where his armor was origanally mostly brown and covered a majority of his body before Powerbonding- golden armor covers mainly his torso with a long red cape attached to it, and a portion of his legs with golden boots while some skin can be seen on his arms and legs. His helmet- where it once showed his eyes along with five small spikes, changed to have three long, curved spikes protruding from it and Baselaird's eyes can no longer be seen. He became able to communicate with his Seeker via telepathy and respond to his commands. Baselaird's shield and sword became considerably larger. His Powerbonding abilities include Sword Strike, Total Defense, Shooting Slash, Double Aggression, and Leading Charge. Another ability allows Powerbonded Baselaird to lend his energy to his Seeker so as to enhance their offensive strikes- this ablility is called Focus Blade and was used once to aid Lok Lambert in defeating the Titan Shakrit. S2E45


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  • Baselaird's summoning commands are "Bring it on," "Beat him," and "Hurry."
  • Baselaird was the fastest Titan to Powerbond, although Kipperin was the first.
  • Baselaird may be based off 'Helios', the god of the sun, with his shining armor and spiked helmet.