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Quotes have been obtained and processed by the Huntik Foundation.

"Don't worry about it, I always keep my word. On the condition, of course, that you take that silly hat off your head."
- Sophie Casterwill, to Lok Lambert

"When I said I could take care of myself, I meant it!"
- Sophie Casterwill, fighting two Suits

"The secret of the ancient Amulet of Will sleeps with the golem."
- Eathon's journal

"Wish that I could [come out], but everyone would get mad. I'm not supposed to be about during the daylight."
- Cherit, to Lok Lambert

"Five elite Organization Suits can't corner one punk kid?"
- DeFoe, to his Suits

"I finally got a clue about my father, and it was taken away from me… all because of you freaks!"
- Lok Lambert, to DeFoe's Suits

"My name is Sophie Casterwill… and I am not alone."
- Sophie Casterwill, to Suits

"Help! Monsters, by the canal!"
- the gondolier, to DeFoe

"Uh, excuse me, is someone there? A little help here, I'm… loaded down with all these groceries. Can someone get the door?"
- Dante Vale, to Suits

"No one defies the Organization!"
- A Suit, to Dante Vale

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